Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tips about ginger for health optimally

Among the many types of plants, nothing provides advantages more than benefits of ginger for health. There are many reports about its benefit. It is more than just herbs, because it proved efficacious repel a variety of diseases. Even NASA, had been interested in researching the efficacy of this spice to overcome the drunken crew.
In China, its dried form has been used as a raw material for medicine by a physician who lived during the time of Emperor Shen Nong, who lived 2000 years BC. In China also found two books on medicine who first discussed the properties of the fresh ginger for health in the year 500 AD. Discussion of its efficacy are also written in Anglo-Saxon medical books published in the 11th century. Two centuries later, this is the spice of the kitchen which is very popular in the UK, after the black pepper. Its price is very expensive, to gain 1 pound (about half of a kilogram) of this rhizome, people need to spend money equivalent for a sheep.
Here are several tips about ginger uses for health based on information from the Center of Biopharmacy Study IPB (Bogor Agricultural Institute), Indonesia.
Tips #1:What ingredients are allowed or prohibited mixed with ginger?
Several studies indicate that the use of appropriate clinical doses, they did not interact with other medications.
Tips #2: It should be taken after meals or before meals?
Associated with its content of bioactive compounds that have the ability to heal wounds in the stomach, so it should be taken before meals.
Tips #3: How to process/ cook it so well that the content of efficacious substances will not change?
Bioactive substances contained in this spice (eg zingiberene or its essential oil) is a thermolabile compound. For that processing that uses excess heat that ought to be avoided. However, in an aqueous solution, these substances can last up to a temperature of 100 degrees celcius.
Tips #4: How about ginger consumption frequency?Is it dangerous when it is consumed every day?
The use of its powder orally at levels of 2 grams per day (in one dose or divided into several times) allowed in the long period.
Tips #5: Is there any contradiction when it is consumed by people with ulcers, because there is substance in ginger as opposed to gastric acid?
There is no information related about its contradiction at the recommended dosage for this. Only one study conducted by researchers from India shows that the use of its powder at doses of 6 grams per day can cause stomach irritation.

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