Monday, July 18, 2011

the Benefits of ginger

Research on benefits of ginger had been conducted by Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) of Indonesia , through the institutions of "Pusat Studi Biofarmaka " (Center of Biopharmacy Study). It is found that there are many benefits of ginger for health. This spice even became one of the ingredients for traditional herbal beverage. According to Prof. Dr. Ir Latifah K Darusman, Head of Center of Biopharmacy Study, IPB , it is a medicinal plant which has been known for a long time and widely used.
Developments of ginger benefits research in Indonesia
Research related to the advantages of ginger indeed many are already doing it. However, through the Pusat Studi Biofarmaka IPB try to do those on a segment that has not been touched by the segment of aquaculture: the market potential and quality control of its simplicia. However several researches of the efficacy of its antioxidant properties and its product formulation also performed. Some of them are related to the health benefits of ginger has been done by the Pusat Studi Biofarmaka, making standard operating procedures for its cultivation, with a cultivation system based bioactive materials as excellence. Development of analytical techniques for quality control its simplicia also performed, namely the determination of quality test directly from the simplicia. Assessment strategies for supporting this rhizome as a commodity exports are also being conducted. The researches are carried out either independently or in collaboration with other agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration of Indonesia.
Is there any harmful substance in this herb?
No harmful effects that will be posed by its chemical components for use in accordance with the recommendation. But that must be considered is the presence of other chemicals (eg aflatoxin) contamination in its simplicia caused by Aspergillus sp.
Benefits of ginger for health?
It is one of the most common herbs used for medicinal components. Pusat Studi Biofarmaka IPB in collaboration with Oxford Natural Products has conducted an inventory of drugs study used medicinal plants for nine types of diseases. The study results showed that it was recorded as a component of herbal medicine for 7 types of disease and is the most common herbs used for herbal medicine is efficacious as a pain reliever and digestive tract disorders relievers.
In preclininic research, both in vitro and in vivo, it have wide potential as antimicrobe, antifungal, antihelmintic , anti-inflammatory, antitumor, immunomodulatory nature, antilipidemic, analgesics, and have a protective effect on the digestive tract. While in clinically, the most obvious benefits is to relieve symptoms of nausea in pregnant women. For the other benefits of ginger such as preventing nausea after surgery, preventing drunk because of travel, and pain due to osteoarthritis, in clinical studies to date are quite effective but still must be confirmed by further studies.
This rhizome is still save a lot of opportunities to be developed by the researchers. The availability of this rhizome, especially in tropical countries like Indonesia and Nigeria, strongly supports such efforts. Some researchers in Indonesia has even explored the use of the extract in the manufacture of packaging materials. The results showed that the addition of the extract to the packaging material could inhibit the degradation of fat in packaged food.

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