Friday, July 22, 2011

Essential oils as fleas repellent on pets

The uses of essential oil as fleas repellent on pets is possible, because if it can be a healing agent to humans, it can also be a healing agent to the pet. They are good for health and psychology (mood). But you must be very careful if you want to give it for your animals. This is because it should be used based on a strict recipe and we all know that they can not tell what they feel during the treatment. Even when a pet give a particular expression of abnormal behavior to indicate that it was interrupted by a particular infection or disagree with certain treatments, it is still difficult for us to understand the true meaning of such behavior. This is why you should first and foremost seek the advice of your veterinarian before administering essential oil as the fleas repellent for your pet. Your veterinarian, off course, has more experience with their necessities and behavior.
Ticks are very common for animals, for example in cats. They must be treated humanely as humans take care of itself. It has been urged by animal rights advocates in several regions of the world and these regions even through the long journey to make regulations which provide protection to them. Cats are one of a close friend of humans. Therefore, people should take to maintain their health, and particularly a common infection that is often endemic in pets i.e. fleas. As in humans, infection in animals can be lowered their mood, appearance, and also agility. Essential oils has often been considered to be used for the treatment for the infection.
They can be given to our pets without worrying about side effects if they are used properly. They can be used for treating head lice because of lice attack in the area around the neck and legs. Therefore, applying essential oils as fleas repellent around the region will not cause significant problems for the health of pets. Lavender, and peppermint are good for curing head lice are. Another form like eucalyptus, cedar lemongrass (citronella cedar) and lemon can also be considered.
Another possibility is to try a mixture of rosemary, white cedar, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint oil as fleas repellent on pets. However, you must give it to the its neck and let it dry for some time before lacing on the its neck. You should also understand that every case has its own treatment. Therefore, you should get advice from a veterinarian because of what you copied from friends may not apply to your case. And especially, the treatment itself must be understood risks to the health of your animals. It means you must pay more attention on the dosage and how to use it properly. The last thing, it does not restrict the uses of essential oil as fleas repellent, but also are mentally refreshing and relaxing pets just like on a normal human feeling.

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