Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jeruk Purut / Kaffir Lime Oils

Kaffir lime oil is generally produced by the method of steam distillation or steam from several parts of its trees. The trees height is between 2 and 12 metres. The trunk is rather small, curved or angular and branched low. Older stems are round, dark green, can be plain or mottled. The leaves is yellowish green and aromatic. The shape is round with a blunt tip and stemmed. Winged leaf stalk width, making it almost resembles a leaf.
The materials used to make essential oil are its leaves or skin.
Characteristics of the the oil from the leaves mainly dominated by volatile oil citronelal (80%), the rest is citronelol (10%), nerole, and limonene.
The essential oil that is derived from the industry was widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, antiseptics, etc.
The oil from the leaves in international trade is called kaffir lime oil. It is widely produced in Indonesia with an output of several tons per year. Kaffir lime oil consumption at this time is dominated by the fragrance industry, but its potential is quite large in flavor, although these kaffir lime oil do not have FEMA numbers.
The leaves contain 1.8% tannins, steroid triterpenoids, and essential oils from 1 to 1.5% v / b. Fruit skins contain saponins, tannins I%, steroid triterpenoids, and the kaffir lime oil containing citrate 2 to 2.5% v / b.
Kaffir lime oil total fraction contains 19 compounds with higher levels of the class of hydrocarbon monoterpenes (α-pinene (0.14%), sabinen (3.09%), β-pinene (0.18%), β-mirsen ( 1.42%), limonene (0.24%), β-osimen (0.76%), γ-terpinen (0.13%), α-terpinolen (0.16%)) and the class of oxygenated monoterpenes (linalol (4.89%), neoisopulegol (0.44%), citronellal (74.83%), terpinen-4-ol (0.22%), β-sironelol (7.82%), sitronelil acetate (2.64%), neril acetate (0.78%)), whereas seskuiterpene hydrocarbon group (trans-kariofilen (1.25%), α-humulen (0.21%), bicycloogermacrene(0.60%) and δ-cadinene (0.21%)).

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