Friday, July 29, 2011

Choose the best essential oils brand

Here are tips that can help you, how to choose the best brand of essential oils with high quality and pure. Because when you walk in the aromatherapy store to buy it, then you will be greeted by variety of pleasant scents. However, not all of it and scented candles has a healing power. Consider the following tips of choosing the best essential oils brand
1. Check the bottle.
Avoid buying the essential oils sold in clear glass bottles because of clear glass allows the light causing the damage to its content. Instead, choose the products stored in amber-colored bottles (brown) or dark. Most of the best essential oils brand is packed in the dark or amber bottles. Some vendors sell it in aluminum bottles. Aluminum is acceptable if the inside of the bottle is coated.
You should also avoid buying it in plastic bottles because the oil may dissolve plastic. Furthermore, the dissolved plastic will contaminate it.
Also avoid buying the products that have a rubber pipette bulb on it because the rubber pipette bulb can be dissolved in the essential oils and then it is contaminated.
2. Observe the properties of each
Each type of aromatherapy oil has different therapeutic qualities, i.e. pine is good for treating coughs and asthma. Currently, the scent of patchouli is used to relieve anxiety, depression, and skin problems. Before you buy aromatherapy products, make sure you know the benefits of each kind.
3. Check the label.
Be careful with words like "perfume," "natural," or "perfume oil" These words indicate that you saw was not a single pure essential oil. Many labeled brand perfume (which can be a combination of essential oils and chemicals, or chemicals only) and perfume as "aromatherapy". It is important to buy pure aromatherapy oil to obtain optimal health benefits.
4. Check the presence of dust.
If you see an aromatherapy product has a dusty, then avoid buying it. The existence of dust indicates its long life even aromatherapy products expired. Products that have expired are no longer giving healing properties as the product is still new.
5. Check the prices.
Different types of aromatherapy products have different prices. Some rare and exotic oil have higher prices than other types. If every bottle of aromatherapy product has the same price, you have to think twice before you buy it.
Finally, you should remember that only the best essential oils provides the best benefit and healing properties for you. So, choose the best essential oils for you wisely!

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