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Essential Oils Recipe for Massage Oil

Essential oils recipe can be used as an ingredient for making massage oil, as well as for flavor enhancer or being used in the perfume industry. It is required for that activity because it can produce a relaxing effect (reduce tension), increase the sense of peace and tranquility, and promote healing.
Some of those can be used for this purpose include patchouli, cajuput, clove, tea tree, black pepper, orange, citronella, ylang-ylang (cananga), and nutmeg oil. Each of them has the different benefit.
The benefits of these essential oils when used for massage oil recipe are:
Patchouli: gives strength or power on the entire body (or on just one system in particular, for example, the respiratory system), and has ability to kill/reduce microbe.
Cinnamon: reduces pain.
Cajuput, clove oil, tea tree: is a powerful antiseptic (especially for the respiratory system), serves as an antiviral, astringent, stimulant and tonic.
Black pepper: are analgesic, antikataral, expectorant, stimulant and tonic.
Lemongrass fragrance oil: is anti-inflammatory and tonic as well as efficacious as a stimulant of the immune system.
Orange: is refreshing, reducing/ killing certain microbe, stimulant, tonic, prevent the acne.
Cananga: is antiinflmation and tonic
Nutmeg: nature as an analgesic, reducing/ killing certain microbe, and stimulant.
However, you should be careful in combining them as one recipe because certain types are irritating to the skin, such as clove oil. Skin irritation is a reaction to the material that causes inflammation and itching. Usually (but not always), skin irritation is found in substances containing aldehyde or phenol with a high level. From one person to another found a wide tolerance, which the oils that does not cause a reaction in the majority of consumers can be irritating on one or two people who are more sensitive. However, the dermal irritation is usually local and brief. Therefore, for a massage, it is important to use essential oils with the less irritating to the skin and is not toxic.
Carrier oil
Some of them has been studied for use as a carrier in recipe for massage by Mira Rivai (Presented in the Indonesia National Conference of EO, in 2006), namely the VCO (virgin coconut oil), palm, castor, and coconut oil. From the results of these studies found that the most preferred one is the product that uses VCO and coconut oil. But in terms of aroma, the product that use palm oil is the most preferred by panelists.
Essential oils recipe for massage oil
Here is some formula of massage oil according to Rivai (2006):
Formula 1: VCO 97%, 1% patchouli oil, ylang-ylang (cananga) oil 1%, and nutmeg oil 1%.
Formula 2: coconut oil 97%, patchouli oil 1%, ylang oil 1%, and nutmeg oil 1%.
Formula 3: palm oil 97%, patchouli oil 1%, ylang oil 1%, nutmeg and oil 1%.
However, essential oils recipe for massage oil should be used wisely, for example: do not use it on wounded or irritated skin, and not use it in dense concentrations.

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