Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cendana Oils (Sandalwood Oils)

Sandalwood oil (Santanum album L) in Indonesia are produced intensively on the island of Timor. Its plants in the form of a small evergreen tree with straight trunk and rounded with no groove. This plant is suitable in areas with cold and dry valve and the medium intensity of sunlight. Long dry months is very good influence on the formation of its essential oil and its fragrance. The small-leaved varieties has a higher sandalwood oil content in the wooden porch, but lower levels of santanol.
It is obtained from the distillation of the core of its rod with a long time of distillation process because of the high boiling point of the oil. Sandalwood oil yield is about 3-5%.
Its content is essential oils, hars, and tanning substances. Mainly from the its tree butts and roots, the aromatic oil can be distilled,. It is used in high quality soaps and as a perfumes fixative. Steam distillation, yields 5 sesquiterpene alcohols, epi-alpha-bisabolol, (Z)-alphasantalol, 2(E),6(E)-farnesol, (Z)-beta-santalol and (Z)-nuciferol. The percentage of epi-alpha-bisabolol increases with increasing height up the the trees and even the volatile fraction of a the dead branch contained. Two santalols,(Z)-beta-santalol and (Z)-nuciferol, were highest in the its buttwood.The main component of sandalwood oil is santanol. In international trade, santanol levels should be more than 90%, if not then the market will not accept it.
Estimated worldwide demand of sandalwood oil is more than 50 tons / year. Indonesia had ranked second after India (Myrose). They plays an important role in the fragrance industry. It can be used to perfume themselves, and can also be expensive for perfume binder (Violet, Cassie, Rose, Reseda, and Ambete).
In 2007, sandalwood oil export volume about 403,148 kg with an export value of U.S. $ 3,814,800 (CBS, 2008), up significantly from the previous year with only 21,751 kg of export volume and value of U.S. $ 1,736,214.
Sandalwood oil benefits is as antipyretic, analgesic, carminative, stomachache therapy, and diuretics.
Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from the Republic of Indonesia, Hassan Sharif, in March 2011 launched the handicraft from Cendana of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), became one of the national flagship product.
"The establishment of this superior commodity is in line with the program of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs about the "one village - one product " by utilizing existing resources in one area," he said, in Kupang, Indonesia at Friday, March 11, 2011.
According to the Minister, any programs to introduce a superior product that can be used as an area of national as well as superior commodity become viable to be export commodity.
He said that in addition to NTT wood crafts, either in the form of souvenirs or essential oil, the diversity of weaving in this area can also be a national flagship product.
"Because of the handicraft from Sandalwood and “Tenun ikat” (one of traditional weaving style at NTT - Indonesia) has long been known to the public, from the marketing campaign would not even be congested," he said.
To that end, the Minister asked the people in this area, supporting the program of NTT Government, which was determined to restore the popularity of this oil, by planting 10 million saplings of its plants.
The Minister added, regarding the marketing of excellent products, if one area is facing difficulties, the current Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs have set up a building in Jakarta to be used as a location for a permanent exhibition and marketing, and is free of charge.
He said, if each regions in Indonesia have a superior product, there will be a wide variety of products offered on the market. While consumers are presented with many choices, too.
This step, he said, to encourage creativity and innovation in local economic actors both cooperatives and SMEs to create superior commodity, which have competitiveness.
"I also call attention to helping local governments and fostering cooperatives and SMEs in their respective areas to grow into an economic force that is able to prosper the community," he added.
However the growth of sandalwood oil industry in Indonesia is expected to ensure the utilization of crop yields

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