Sunday, July 10, 2011

Massoi oils / masoi oils

Masoi oil produced from the distillation of masoi (Cryptocarya spp) bark, has a fragrance (sweetish oil) and feels hot when exposed to skin. Cryptocarya spp grow wild in the eastern part of Indonesia's forests, height about 40 m. Trunked upright, the inside is red, while the dove-colored skin.
Masoi oil contains about 80% eugenol, and 6% terpene and safrole. It is a natural source of lactone. The content of safrole in the Masoi essential oil needed in the chemical industry, for heliotropin maker, raw material celluloide (film), cosmetics and fragrances.
Masoi oil is produced in Indonesia with an output of more than 5 tons per year in export destination countries such as USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.
Judging from its constituent chemical components, this oil is different from mace oils. It doesn’t contain eugenol, while the mace oils contain small amounts of eugenol. The main component in this oil is compounding massoilactone (C10H16O2).
On the island of Java, the bark are traded in the form of bundles, weighing about 10 kg bundle type and size of skin about 100 cm long and 5 cm wide. The bark is usually used as a mixture of traditional medicines, particularly in the manufacture of herbal medicine.
The plants consist of various varieties are included in the family Lauraceae, among others Cryptocaria massoi (especially found in Bogor). Massoi aromatica Baecari, Cinnamomum Cinnamomum culilawan xanthoneuron Blum and Blum.

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