Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get rid of oily skin by essential oils

In order to get rid of oily skin by essential oils, you can use them through massage or by consuming herbal infusion. Having skin that tends to secrete certain fluids is going to make us a little miffed, especially if it will make us less interesting, with shiny face, dust or dirt that is often attached to its pores and can cause acne. Although there have been many types or brands of cosmetics that can reduce this, such as facial foam and sunblock cream, of course you should try natural solution.
There are many causes of oily skin. Poor diet that is too much fat in the body that come from eating food which is high in fat and sweetness. Hormonal factors could be the one, such as a hormonal imbalance during puberty could be a trigger. The application of the wrong type of cosmetics can increase these problems. Heredity can also be said to be a factor, usually the parents who have such problems, would be passed on to their children as well. The influence of certain drugs can also affect this disorder.
So how to get rid of oily skin by essential oils ? You can use a mixture consisting of oil of ylang (20 drops) and basal (50 ml), or with lemon (10 drops), ylang 10 (10), and basal (50 milliliters). Recipes can be used through massage therapy. To overcome the problem of the pores widening, make the recipe with oil of lemongrass (5 drops), patchouli (5), ylang (10), and basal (50 ml).
The natural ways mentioned above need to know because most people will choose to fight these conditions directly by attempting to remove the liquid on the face at all, for example, using harsh soaps with high concentrations of alkali. Unfortunately, this way often show effect on skin health disorder and even worsen the situation. The oil produced by the sebaceous glands useful to help lubricate our skin and helps maintain moisture. If someone washes his or her oily face to often, it turned into dry, scaly, and even cause itching. It will also stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil and lead into a condition called reactive seborrhea. This will make your glands work excessively and a malfunction rise in the future. If you want to find a facial soap, better avoid soaps that contain alcohol. You should choose a soap that contains natural ingredients, such as essential oils, olive, almond or avocado oil. They all have a deep absorption function which will help the cells or tissue regeneration and retain moisture. Rinse your oily face with warm water, not hot water. It is important to stop the excess oil, but not eliminate them all. Hot water makes soap removes oil and dirt and also speed up the whole process, but it also turn the oily skin to be dry and scaly. It is also important not to scrub face excessively, it also causes moisturizing oil disappear. Soft and slow movements is important when washing it. Washing it with a gentle foaming just once a day is enough to remove the dirt. Notice the material contained in the moisturizer, whether they fit with your skin or not. If they contain chemicals or synthetic, they may stimulate allergic reactions, dehydration, and even acne. In fact, if this does not fit with yours, it will lead to excessive oil secretion that you want to avoid.
In addition to essential oils, there are traditional herbs that have the similar benefit. This is more efficient and natural. In this case, the celery is quite powerful. It treat high blood pressure, and also overcome oily skin. This is known as Apium graveolens that you can find in the market or in your home garden. It is well known to our ears because its leaves are often used in a variety of cuisines, and is also useful as a health remedy. Take celery leaves then cut into small pieces. The pieces are put into a pot that has been filled with boiling water, and let stand for 15-20 minutes in length, and then leave it to cool down (20-30 minutes). Apply the cold steeping water to the entire face, let it penetrate into your body surface till dry. Then it can be cleaned with fresh water. Use it every 2 days to get maximum results. However, if you want a more practical solution, you can get rid of oily skin by essential oils that have been mixed with moisturizing gel (gel-based moisturizer).

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