Monday, September 17, 2012

Benefits of essential oils for skin

Benefits of essential oils for skin may be indirectly, such as having calming effect so that that can reduce stress. With less stress, then it will be more healthy. Some methods are often carried them in the form of massage and water therapy. They also has properties of fat-soluble, easily absorbed into the our surface layers and the other that lie underneath (subcutaneous) when it is applied or rub.
Skin care can be done by inhaling the their sweet aroma which is one way to aromatherapy. Another innovative applications by applying these volatile materials to human outer layer which has been prepared correctly with the right dose for massage, bath and air freshener. Their structure makes them easily absorbed in a layer of protective fat in the body surface.
Some of them are known from the research results contain antibacterial or anti microbial so that benefits of essential oils for skin is as a cleanser, such as for the face. The antioxidant activity in several types of them also play an important role to prevent cell damage or aging. It can also affect the nerve impulses and reflexes were received by the ends of nerve receptors in the outer layer, beneath the epidermis.
Although they have many benefits, in order not to cause side effects, it is better before it is used, they need to be tested first on the skin or outer sleeve. They should not be given to infants because of their high level of sensitivity and they are relatively weak, except for the aims to keep them warm, but of course with low-dose. You should avoid the use of this material when you are experiencing a rash or hives that the contributing factor can not be known to prevent the disorder getting worse.
It is essential to be remembered that the oils should not be given when you have a lot of varicose veins, as it can interfere with blood circulation system in the vicinity. Do not apply massage therapy to the body which is recovered from the wound or body just sunburn in order to avoid physical stress and physiological trauma patients.

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