Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Essential oil for aromatherapy

The uses of essential oil for aromatherapy is considered to be a technique of alternative medicine. This practice is expected that can help to prevent or cure diseases. The material used is a concentrated liquid that has a very distinctive smell. These are generally named after the plant from which it is extracted, for example peppermint oil. In the treatment, one kind is used together with other types. In addition, massage can be performed with some aspects of this technique to help to get a higher level of relaxation. With this essential substances, human mood will be affected.
Pampering our body with aromatherapy is no longer new. However, there are many things to consider in connection with this technique. This is often interpreted as any kind of healing using a variety of fragrance. In fact, detergent or floor deodorant or deodorizer is often grouped to be part of one of alternative medicine types. However, it is not easy to say that all of the fragrances application fall into that category. It is a healing technique using essential oil by inhaled, drunk, smeared, or massaged.
Aromatherapy benefit is not just for beauty care or relax the body. There are other, more noble functions, i.e. curing the body from diseases. But not all fragrances has healing effect. The essential materials from purified and freshly herb or spices plant parts can improve human health level. The services given by most beauty centers is not for treatment, but simply relaxing and refreshing. Not everyone fits with all of the volatile oil. They also do not take the proper dosage into account. For respiratory complaints and emotions, for example, the best way is by inhalation. For gastrointestinal complaints, it is better to take the essential oil for aromatherapy orally (but it needs recommendation or recipes from the expert). As for the cases of the skin and balance the functions of organs, it is proper with basting plus massage. To be on target, this is should be performed under the supervision of people who have a basic knowledge of medicine, or people who had already studied aromatherapy in particular. Because it use the product of nature, then this is considered to be one way of back to nature. Since the first, the plant extract has been used in the treatment and smells are used to soothe the soul. Currently, experts are conducting research development for hidden benefits contained in these materials for use in the healthcare field to reduce the application of synthetic drugs which showed side effects in several cases. Many results of those studies represented promising evidence.
This oil enter the human body through aromatherapy and the sense of smell come through the skin and then headed into a vein. Furthermore it goes into the limbic system / olfactory system in the brain. Limbic system is related to memory, breathing, blood circulation, endocrine glands. The compounds contained in this volatile substance will stimulate this system. Some of them can also be used as an oral medication, but this method requires the use of a trained guide or expert. However it is important to remember, even though it has many benefits, it does not mean safe. It needs directions and specific instructions of experts to use essential oil for aromatherapy orally or when used in pregnant women or in patients with epilepsy, heart disease and asthma.

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