Monday, August 13, 2012

Essential oils for muscle sprains

You can use many kind of essential oils if you experience muscle sprains caused by a sudden movement, fall, or slip, or if you are Bruce Wayne aka the Dark Knight Rises whom might experienced pain after an all-out fight with Bane. You can use the type of lavender, bergamot, rosemary, camomile, jurenium, and garlic. However, first thing to do is to make sure first the type of injury. If you have a muscle disorder, the first aid that can be given is to use a patch or hot compresses well. Essential oils distilled from medicinal plants such as Kaempferia galanga L. can be used to cure swelling caused by sprains.
But you have to check there is an open wound or not. But if your problem is the joints, then you should treat them with a cold compress such as using ice cubes instead of hot compresses. This is because ice can help minimize swelling around the area that feels sore and lessen pain. Ice will also restrict blood flow, causing numbness which reduce strees in our feeling.
Essential oils from spices (such as citronella, clove, nutmeg, ginger, gandapura, etc.) is quite good as an external therapeutic ingredients for muscle sprains. However, species such as cloves, nutmeg, and ginger require lower doses, because if it is used excessively, then this will feel very hot and cause skin irritation. In addition, you should make sure your hands are washed thoroughly, eg with soap after using it so it will not spread to the other parts of body, such as face or eyes.
We recommend that the sick one are not massaged, if you are not an expert. The improper techniques will result in increased pain. Muscles are the first body's defense against sprains, before it entered the joint in which there are a lot of nerve. If it is treated without looking at the first of its kind, then what happens next is swollen part of our body.
We recommend that before you decide to massage the part of body which suffered an injury, it is compressed first with a cold pack (ice cubes). After 6 hours from the compressing, then the pain should be reduced. But if not, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Some of these essential oils can also be used in the form of massage therapy (massage) as well as water therapy (hydrotherapi) for muscle sprains.
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