Monday, June 18, 2012

Benefits of lavender essential oil

Benefits of lavender essential oil are as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, for skin care, fragrance or as a mosquito repellent. It is widely known as the most popular among others. These materials are traditionally used to treat burns.
In ancient Greece, it is widely used as perfume ingredients. In Rome, it was used in the washing facilities because of its antiseptic and healing properties. In Egypt, it was used as an ingredient for perfume and incense. Queen Elizabeth I used them for tea that helps her to treat her migraine or headaches. When a French scientist found his laboratory exploded and the badly burned, he then documented the benefits of lavender oil to promote tissue recovery.
A study at Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan, found that aromatherapy using this material lowers serum cortisol levels and increased CFVR in men. These findings suggest that this provides a relaxing effect and is likely to have effect on blood circulation. Perhaps Mario Balotelli should use it in aromatherapy before his game so that he can score more goals in the next Italy matches just like he has performed against the Irish team at Euro cup 2012. So cool and calm. Now, we have a lot of it is used as a tea, to treat wounds, to stimulate a natural sleep, to relieve depression and reduce stress. This is one of the natural ingredients that are safe, and can be used on the skin. The benefits of lavender essential oil is increasing.

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