Friday, November 11, 2011

How to store essential oils

Some tips related to how to store essential oils (EOs)in order to maintain its quality and durability, among others are:
1. Make sure whether the product is pure or mixed.
2. Use a clean or nodes glass bottle to save it. When using a package from metal, look for metal that do not affect the quality of its content, because there are certain metals that can react with chemicals in EO, so it will obscure the scent and damage its components. The brown color glass will be very suitable for the types which is easily oxidized.
3. EO can also be stored in a sealed bottle or airtight. This is intended to avoid evaporation and losses.
4. Avoid direct sunlight, because there are certain EOs which is volatile and easily oxidized when exposed to sunlight.
5. Choose a cool and dry environment, and not to keep it in a moist place are the important parts of our tips on how to store essential oils.
6. Each package of EO should be labeled, which comes with the name or materials type, properties, efficacy and usefulness.
7. Bottles should be placed in a special box or cupboard which is safe from the reach of infants or children.
8. Each pure EO should not be mixed with others, except during use. This is to maintain the purity and avoid loss of its efficacy.
9. For the products that have undergone mixing, specify the composition of the materials, so that you don’t need adding new materials that will be able to affect its usability and usefulness.
Another thing you need to consider besides how to store the essential oils is the expired date, because each has a different shelf life associated with its properties and the content of their chemical compounds.

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