Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Essential oil use for transparent soap

The essential oil use for transparent soap is one of its utilization as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients for the skin, in addition of the creams form. This product was chosen since it is used in everyday activities for body, face, hands and other limbs. It gives a relaxing effect through the aroma, and also gives the effect of treatment for skin problems like acne, eczema due to fungi, and other skin diseases. For health skin, the use of this efficacious product is aim to maintain our healthy skin.
To make this nutritious product, the volatile substances used are generally derived from plants that include in the family of Asteraceae, Burseraceae, Myrtaceae, Rutaceae, and Styraceae. The use of essential oil for transparent soap is aim to overcome the infection, inflammation, acne, relaxation, refreshment, and others.
It is produced by dissolving soap and alcohol by heating to form a clear solution, which is then added by perfumes and dyes. It is often referred as glycerine soap, because the making process need glycerine added about 10-15 percent. Raw materials used in the manufacture of transparent soap is a lauric acid, stearic acid, glycerin, surfactants, sodium hydroxide, sugar (sucrose), ethanol, EDTA, BHT, fragrance, and water. Usefulness effects are derived from the types of fragrance used, i.e. patchouli, vetiver, cinnamon, ylang, citrus, or tea trea oil, and others.
It has the power to effectively clean without leaving bubble. It will feel softer on your hands. It is widely used as a unique souvenir, birthday souvenirs, greeting souvenirs, as well as for a wedding gift. With its elegant and charming looks, it can be made into a variety of forms according to your design and a unique souvenir. Their appearance is so attractive, classy and luxurious so that it is sold at a price that is relatively more expensive and consumed by the middle to upper economic community.
How to make transparent soap from the essential oil
The tools needed, among others, are the heater tank, mixer machines, stoves, scales, container materials, additional container material, molds, cutting tools and packaging. As an initial step, the stock is made by mixing stearic acid with NaOH 20 ° Be as much as 98.3 g at the temperature of 90-100°Celsius for 30 minutes. Furthermore, other materials, such as glycerin, surfactants, DEA, EDTA, BHT, water, sugar, propylene glycol, foam boaster are mixed at the temperature of 90-95°Celsius for 30 minutes. After a homogeneous mixture, the temperature is lowered to 70°Celsius. The stock then is added by the essential oil, molded, and cooled to room temperature. The essential oil use for transparent soap is not restricted to one type of essential oil, but a combination of them could also be used to obtain various benefits.

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