Saturday, August 6, 2011

Essential oil uses as feed additives

Essential oil uses as a feed additive in any type of livestock ransoms can be done without changing the Ingestion system used on a farm, both traditional farming and large livestock industry. The combination of several types of essential oils increase the effectiveness of these oils work (synergist work ). Although administered in low doses (g / ton of feed basalt), they generate more profit, both in terms of social economic and animal physiology.
Something good for mankind will not be bad when it is given to livestock. Therefore, there is no reason not to use them in cattle farm. In cattle, the importance of uses of essential oils active components have just been understood and researched in recent years.
Now, it is more than just an alternative to antibiotics. They not only affect the microbial population, but at the same, showed positive effect on the activity of digestive enzymes and intermediate metabolism. Livestock production is not only intended to enhance the appearance of cattle, but also the nutrition and health of livestock and humans. Currently, the essential oil uses as a feed additive became popular in the world of agriculture and livestock to boost metabolism and digestion (digestion and metabolism promoters).
Because its smell and taste, so its oral consumption which is mixed into livestock basal feed to stimulate central nervous system, that ultimately results in increased appetite and consumption of food substances. They stimulate the production of digestive fluids that produce an appropriate pH for digestive enzymes, such as peptinase. At the same time, it increase the activity of digestive enzymes and regulation of microbial activity. The stability of the microflora in the digestive tract decreases the incidence of diarrhea and other digestive diseases. The real effect of this mechanism is the improvement of energy conversion and digestion of nutrients and positive impact on the metabolism of nitrogen, amino acids, and glucose.
Applications of essential oils blend from Oregano (Oreganum vulgare), Cinnanom (Cinnamon annum), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) and Eucalyptus on the broiler in the area of East Java – Indonesia, showed improvement of feed conversion, increased weight gain, reducing mortality and improvement of farm business profit.
Its ability to stimulate the central nervous system change the cattle characteristic which is more tolerant to stress (increase immunity), both the stress caused by the separation from its parent (especially in pigs) and the stress caused by environmental conditions.
Positively influence of the of essential oil uses as a feed additive was also seen in European countries, the United States, and some Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and India both on the broiler, laying hens, and ruminants.

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