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What is aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy
Aromatherapy actually covers three inter-related factors. They are the body, mind and spirit. Because it is a form of treatment or on behalf of Aromatherapy products must be able to provide a real therapeutic effect which includes the above 3 things. Not just talking about factors of the body as long as this develops. And the bottom line again is that aromatherapy is not only about the 'beauty' or beauty alone. But more than that, Aromatherapy is a form of 'healing' or the healing process.
Aromatherapy is a form of therapy by using essential oils or 'aromatic' oils. Pharmacologically, essential oils have a real efficacy in the treatment and healing our bodies from various health problems. So with a foothold in the natural health, it was a natural beauty will shine. One example of the use of aromatherapy for body care is the use of eucalyptus oil to treat stomach aches. Who can deny the real efficacy of White Wood oil? As we all know primarily by the Indonesian community that this type of essential oil is always used as a reference if you have mild health problems in the abdominal area and our breathing. Only with smeared on the experience health problems, then the effect will be immediate and the pain was reduced even with the soon to be healed. Well, this is a real efficacious Aromatherapy for the body. Or another example is the use of oil in the oil Cironella wasps as a cure wounds. Look at how quickly the wound dry. That's because Citronella oil has the ability to freeze blood and regenerate skin cells rapidly. Even in an SPA product, Citronella oil mixed into the body scrubs. Given that the pharmacological Citronella is also antiseptic, so the cream is not just a function scrubs remove dead skin cells, but also kills the bacteria that exist in the skin.
In addition to real merit to the health and beauty of the body, essential oils also affect the mind (mind). When someone is having thoughts that cause tension headaches, essential oils such as Fennel (anise) is soothing, will be able to relax the nerves. A gentle warmth will help relax the muscles and blood circulation. The aroma was when inhaled by the nose and was captured by the receptors in the nostril, will be forwarded to the brain for later nerve-nerve response in accordance with the orders of the brain. And stretching the nerves will feel.
The stability of the soul (spirit) we are influenced by psychological factors. If the pressure of certain circumstances as a consequence of this life have brought someone on the unstable psychological condition, then it really needs to watch out and do treatment as early as possible. An example is the life of a career in the big cities. Accelerating the development of civilization has indirectly forced the professionals we are to exert all abilities both physically seemed to mind. That in turn will lead to fatigue, even to the extent of depression. And this is a real fact. As evidence is my experience over many years to pursue this Aromatherapy business. Most of our customers are in the productive age between ages 25 to 40 years. And most of them looking for Aromatherapy for the peace of the soul as a healer of their souls anxiety due to the demands of civilization ... And this is where the essential oil would be very instrumental. Certain oils such as Rose oil, Jasmine, greentea, Sandalwood, Ylang ylang Cempaka and will bring the feel of soul lovers Aromatherapy to calm the situation that alpha waves lull even
From the brief exposition above, then we can catch a picture of the function of essential oil therapy is called Aromatherapy. So a product can be regarded as aromatherapy if it contains essential oils as the active substance is real merit in providing therapeutic effects for the body (BODY), thought (MIND) and soul (Soul) as a whole. If just a scent that can affect mood alone (soul) but not efficacious person physically (body) and mind (mind), then it can not be regarded as Aromatherapy.

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