Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil is one of the oldest and most valuable raw materials for perfumery. Not all of its components are soluble in the cosmetics. It is started from a perennial erect shrub with beautiful sweet scented flowers. Out of about 120 species, three species are commercially used for the essential oil production, namely, Rosa damascena., R. Gallica and R. centifolia. R. damascena is the most important with a delicate fragrance from which most of the high grade product. The extracted absolute adds lasting notes. Bulgarian rose oil is used for flavouring Certain types of tobacco. Limited quantities of otto are employed in flavouring soft drinks.
Plant and flower
Other species is R. alba with white flowers, but with less content of essential oil (EO). Indonesia to develop a hybrid type like sonia, Tineke, and pareo. The production reached 140-190 flowers per m2 per year. Usually it is fully formed after 20-25 days. It needs environment temperature about 15-23 degree Celsius and humidity 60%. If the ambient temperature is greater than 23 degree Celsius, then the respiration faster than photosynthesis so that the amount of flower are increasing but the content and quality of its EO declined.
Time to harvest is only 20 days annually. In order to get the higher yield with the highest quality, flower pickers must go to the garden at 5 am.
It should be harvested before the morning dew evaporates. According to experts, the crop yields on two different mornings will produce different characteristics of EO.
Producer countries
The best rose essential oil used as a perfume ingredient is not from France, but from the Balkans, Bulgaria. Famous perfume brands in the world, often using it as potential materials for its flagship commodities. And now they began to like Bulgarian rose essential oil which is said to have the best quality. The main producers in the world today include Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, France and Italy. Approximately 60 to 70 percent of world production of this product has been imported by France.
According to experts, the special characteristics of the climate in Bulgaria, has made the rose essential oil produced is more flavorful and durable. This makes manufacturers compete to use it. In the world, its prices constantly on the increase, according to the type of processing needed to produce this valuable raw material.
The amazing value
Rose oil price today has reached $U.S. 9,000/kg. Experts from Bulgaria, predict that an increase in demand for this product may be increased sharply. The production of this precious perfume substance needs a lot of labor. To produce two pounds (= 0.9 kg) of rose essential oil, requires 5,500 pounds (about 2.5 tons) to 6,600 pounds (2.9 tons) of raw materials. For that reason, its price is often compared to the gold price. In Bulgaria for example, 0.002 lb (about 9 grams) of this product sold at a price of $ U.S. 24.
The application
The rose essential oil is not only used for perfumes and cosmetics. Rose water and jam is used for making syrups and medicinal preparations. The Americans have found other use: to maintain spacecraft equipment. This is because it is more resistant to various temperatures. It is also contained in the most expensive perfume which is now on display for sale in Spain at a price of U.S. $ 636.000 per bottle (500 ml). One mini bottle of this luxury fluid contains at least 170 kinds of rose essential oil. This precious perfume is made with takes 1 year of manufacture.

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