Saturday, November 5, 2011

Essential oil for abdominal pain

Essential oil is traditionally prepared to get rid of light abdominal pain and which is not repetitive. However, in principle, the pain should be examined by the physician to keep the possibility of the symptom which is associated with appendicitis, inflammation of the pancreas, peptic ulcers, pancreatic cancer, pneumonia, inflammation of the bladder, hepatitis, inflammation of lung, viral infection, or other things that need more serious treatment. If nothing else more serious then it can be reduced by the following treatment.
Pain in the upper abdomen
Rub the following mixture to the abdomen. The essential oil of peppermint (3 drops) and clove (2) dissolved in 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (coconut or sesame oil).
In the lower abdomen
Rub the following mixture to the abdomen. Thyme (2 drops) and clove (3) dissolved in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (coconut or sesame oil).
That symptom actually can be caused by other factors, such as malabsorption syndrome caused by unbalanced eating lifestyle. So that, the food absorption and digestion process of is compromised, because a number of enzymes to break down food is not enough. Some foods that enter the body will be wasted. Therefore, if abdominal pain occurs too often, then you should consult to your doctor or nutritionist, instead of using essential oil.

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