Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rose oil benefit

What is exactly the rose oil benefit ? What makes these flowers so valuable that it is often used as wreaths are worn around the special guests, like David Beckham gets garlands from Syahrini a famous artist from Indonesia when he and his team LA Galaxy from USA visit to that country for Asia tour. Whether because of its color is beautiful or interesting. Or because of its aroma? The following descriptions may be valuable for their lovers of this essential oil.
The rose oil is obtained by distilling its flowers. The main chemical components contained in it is citronelol, geraniol, alcanes, and alcenes. This is commonly used for bathing, compresses, massage, perfume, air freshener, and skin care, and has a tonic effect.
Traditionally, it has been known to have a positive effect on the skin. Almost all types and brands of perfume known to use it as raw material. It also reduces redness caused by enlarged capillaries, irritation and burns, or inflammation of the skin. The smell is relaxing to the nervous system and is known to reduce the emotional and psychological stress and depression.
Rose oil benefit is to affect the emotions, soothing mood, release tension of nerves, and evoke the feminine side of women. Therefore, the symptoms of depression and stress, such symptoms during menstruation, can be reduced by inhaling the scent of rose oil. This can make a woman always feels optimistic, making it useful for those who lost their confidence. Furthermore, it is intentionally mixed to make the men able to increase sperm production. Another benefit is to address the problem of dry skin, wrinkles, and chapped skin.
Its flower is a symbol of beauty and adored by almost all the girls in the world. It is also a universal symbol of purity. They are producing a natural compound that works to minimize pores and reduce oil on the face. In accordance with the symbols, they are naturally good facial cleanser because it is very soft and smelling good.
Spices bath
This is a typical traditional treatment which was originally only intended for women nobles of the palace. But now you can do herbs bath and soak in warm water spiked with sandalwood, turmeric and betel rhizome oil and flower extracts such as Rosa damascena and jasmine oil because one of rose oil benefit is to relax and cleanse the body and eliminates odors.

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