Sunday, October 23, 2011

Health benefits of essential oil

The health benefits of essential oil today is as a source of natural medicine which is safe and inexpensive, through the aroma therapy method. This is quite reasonable, because they contain chemical content of active ingredient that has efficacy and rapid effect in helping to cure diseases. The active ingredient is also an effective and practical cosmetic material.
The effect of essential oil on health can be explained through the following mechanisms:
1. Its molecules are very small so it can easily be absorbed through the blood capillaries to flow throughout the body tissues. The active substances then circulated to all body tissues, so it will be easier to reach the locations/target to be treated (target site).
2. They have also properties to get dissolved easily in the fat or fat-soluble, so it is easily absorbed into the skin layers and the layers underneath the skin (subcutaneous) when applied or rubbed.
3. They can relieve tension in muscles that are experiencing fatigue due to excessive activity.
4. The health benefits of essential oil can be explained through the effects of active substances which can affect the lining of the intestinal wall directly, lenders membrane, and the muscles in the bowel wall when consumed internally via the oral route.
5. It can also affect the impulses and nerve reflexes received by the ends of nerve receptors in the outermost layer of skin beneath the epidermis layer. In addition, they can affect the work function activity of the brain through the nervous system associated with the sense of smell. This response will be able to stimulate increased production of nerve conduction of the brain (neurotransmitters), which is related to the recovery of psychological conditions (such as emotions, feelings, thoughts, and desires).
6. They can also affect the lymph nodes. In this case, the effectiveness of active substances can help prostaglandin production which plays an important role in regulating blood pressure, controlling the pain, and hormonal balance.
7. Other health benefits of essential oil is to help the performance of enzymes, among others, the digestive enzymes that play a role in stimulating appetite; hydrochloric acid, pepsin, mucin and other substances that exist in the stomach.

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