Sunday, October 2, 2011

Clove leaf essential oil business

Clove leaf essential oil business in some areas of Central Java, Indonesia is facing a tough challenge. Many owners of this business in a number of villages at the district of Kaligesing (Purworejo - Indonesia) complained of capital difficulty. They can not buy in large quantities clove leaves from the collectors and growers.
This fragrant product is limited because of clove leaves to run out in one or double times of distillation process. Though the price of its essential oil was improved in the range of Rp 125,000 per kilogram. "Now the price is good, but our capital is limited," said Dahlan, one of the employers in the Village District Tlogoguwo Kaligesing, to Kedaulatan Rakyat News, Thursday (9/29/2011). He claimed to have only one ton of the raw material. That raw material is expected to be discharged to a one-time process. Typically, Dahlan have it as much as two to three times.
Dry season, he continued, is the harvest period for clove leaf essential oil business. Farmers actively seek and collect the dry leaves that fall on their farms. Abundant supply of those leaves make any entrepreneur can process it every day. During the dry season, Dahlan claimed to have processing approximately 78 times. In fact, when the rainy season, a maximum of only six times of distillation did. Nevertheless, the processing could be maximized if employers easily get the raw material. Tlogoguwo distiller workers, Giman added, the price of the dried leaves also increased. When the rainy season, the businessmen buy Rp 1,200 per kilogram, but now it is Rp 1,810 per kilogram.
According to him, each time the process, employers need between 8-9 hundred pounds of leaves. After cooking for about eight hours, it will produce 18-19 kilograms of oil. "The oil we sell directly to the merchant who is also a partner of venture capital lender," he said. Despite these obstacles become significant problems for clove leaf essential oil business, but it should be an opportunity for investors who are interested to benefit from these fragrant compounds.

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