Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hydrosol, byproduct of essential oil distillation

Hydrosol is known as the byproduct of essential oil distillation. The results of this processing step contain a mixture of oil and water. The volatile substance will separate from the condensed H2O(due to differences in specific gravity). It is also referred as volatile oil. In layman's terms, it is called fragrant seeds or bibit minyak wangi (Indonesian), while the aqueous phase is referred as "aromatic or floral water" (or in the trade term: hydrolate).
The use of hydrosol has been known since centuries ago, and recently began re-popularized by modern society. Many of the suppliers offer: "essential oils water spray ", but most of them do not use the distillation result, but just mix liquid H2O with few drops of the oil, then they give smell good impression. In the market, this offer is different, because the power of hydrosol aroma is much more durable, but mild (not so strong) as it is obtained as byproduct of minyak atsiri (Ind.). This mild characteristic is more preferred because it is more easy to use
The properties
This aromatic substance contain volatile compounds (carboxylic acids, alcohols) which is soluble in condensed H2O and only contain a small amount of ketones, so it becomes fragrant aroma and smells like the distilled material. This fragrant material is considered as a byproduct of essential oil distillation.
The benefit
Hydrosol examples of the best known by the public is "rose water". This is used in a variety of purposes relating to the world of cosmetics, such as a powder solvent, scrub, mask and so forth. Some examples and its usefulness:
Chamomile: calming effect, relaxes the stress and anti-inflammatory
Geranium: balancing emotions and moods paved
Neroli: adding to the spirit and moisturizing the skin
Rose, Sandalwood, and Lavender: Soothes the skin and make it smell good
Ginger hydrosol benefit: aromatherapy, raw materials of beauty and skin care products, natural oral therapy for symptoms of nausea (travel, morning sickness, post-anesthesia), a natural drinks that warms our bodies so that it is suitable for cold weather like today or while you celebrate a New Year's Eve 2012, etc.
Tips of use
In a single use, it is simply applied to the skin, or used as a mixture of water bath. In use as a powder solvent, scrub, mask and other,hydrosol as byproduct of essential oil distillation is used for thinning them.

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