Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chamomile essential oil benefits

Flowers of this plant provides us chamomile essential oil benefits. It contains a compound classified as proazulene. After steam distillation, it produce chamazulene. It has anti-allergenic properties and is useful in the treatment of asthma and fever. There are two types: Roman (Chamaemelum nobile) and the German / Blue (Matricaria recutica). Extracts of the two varieties have different composition and properties. Roman chamomile essential oil is more calm, so that is widely used aromatherapy. German chamomile essential oil is a very powerful anti-inflammatory because of compounds called azulene (nitrogen compounds that give the typical blue color). This compound helps to reduce the swelling and cleanse pores of impurities. In addition, the later one also contains alpha-bisabolol that enhance tissue regeneration so that is widely used for skin problems like rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and allergic conditions.
Chamomile essential oil benefits is powerful, so only a small amount is needed to get its potent. It is very concentrated and stronger than its tea product, and should be used with caution. According to experts, this should not be used by women who are pregnant. Always check with your health care advisor before taking this. It is also very important to show that it is part of the ragweed family, so that individuals with ragweed allergies might experience problems using this.
Matricaria Chamomilla is a seasonal plant from the sunflower family Asteraceae. It has been known since ancient Egyptian times. It grows in all regions of Europe and Asia that has four seasons. It is also widespread in North America and Australia. This requires open land to grow, for example, grows wild in the street, shelters and litter fields.
The volatile extract of the chamomile flowers have benefits as a blend of cosmetic, such as shampoo, or made into an ointment for use on hemorrhoids and wounds, while the whole plant are also widely used as a deodorizer in the manufacture of perfume, for external use as a wash or compress for skin inflammation, sunburn, burns, and added in a water bath for relaxing tired leg muscles as well as to soften the skin.
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